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FishDaddy Micro LED Spoon

FishDaddy Micro LED Spoon

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The FishDaddy Micro LED Spoon embodies what FishDaddy is all about. With research demonstrating that fish are attracted to light, our line of premium-quality FishDaddy Micro LED Spoons was designed with an industry-first, replaceable Micro LED embedded right into the lure. As we at FishDaddy like to say, "the light brings 'em in, and your bait seals the deal." From the overall quality and design of the lure -- to the small but powerful LED -- to the eye-popping instant glow paint system -- Micro LED Spoons are a proven winner in attracting and catching multiple species of fish in both hard and open water. 

Our anglers use the Micro LED Spoon to jig on ice or to jig, cast, or troll in open water. The results are always the same -- more fish! The LED feature is easy to use. Please see the detail below to "turn the light on", to properly insert the LED into the lure, and to turn it off to preserve its life. 

Micro LED Spoon features:

Lure Body: lead-free, made from zinc; the beautiful Instant Glow paint system is charged by the LED battery to save time and keep your bait in the water during the hot bite!

Sizes: 1/16th oz., 1/8th oz., and 1/4 oz.

6 lure colors: Glow Wonder Bread, Glow Pink Perch, Sunset Gold, Glow Pink & Green Perch, Glow Red Perch, Glow Silver Perch

6 Micro LED colors: blinking red, blue, pink and green; solid glow red and green. Refills are available on this website. 

How to remove and insert the Micro LED and turn it on and off: To remove the LED, simply use the plastic disc in the package, a dime, or a small flat head screwdriver to carefully push the LED from the lure body through the small slit in the top of the lure. Push the colored top of the LED down toward the battery to turn it on (it will begin to blink or glow), leave the silicone tube in place, and gently snap the LED into the spoon, light side up. When you're finished fishing, simply remove the LED with one of the tools described above, and gently pull the colored top up to turn it off to preserve it for its next use. The LED battery has a generous life allowing for a full weekend of fishing! 

Turn on the light, tip the hook with your favorite bait, and get ready to rumble!

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