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FishDaddy GloNet: add an LED Light to your Net!

FishDaddy GloNet: add an LED Light to your Net!

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FishDaddy knows that top anglers love night fishing. We sure do! Don't let all of your hard work get lost in the dark! FishDaddy GloNet automatically turns on when you grab your net so you can make sure the fish get into your boat!

Motion activated: Put the GloNet in standby mode, and when you pick up your net, the GloNet's LED automatically illuminates.

Rechargeable: No need to waste your money on batteries. The GloNet comes with a rechargeable lithium battery and a standard USB cord.

Waterproof: The GloNet features a sealed plastic housing and a rubber cover for the charging port, so it's always ready to hit the water.

Universal Fit: The GloNet has a rubber strap that is easy to attach to most standard nets.

Upgrade your fishing game with FishDaddy GloNet and enjoy the benefits of hassle-free night fishing!

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