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FishDaddy Glow Epoxy Dropper Chains

FishDaddy Glow Epoxy Dropper Chains

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2 pcs. per package

Elevate your fishing performance with FishDaddy Glow Epoxy Dropper Chains. Crafted from strong stainless steel and equipped with quick snaps, these chains attach quickly and easily.

The epoxy bead on the VMC size 10 hook glows in the dark, drawing in more fish and boosting your catch rate. Perfect for winter fishing in cold front conditions to entice sluggish fish, or as a stinger hook during summer.

Attach the quick snap to your jig and insert the hook into the back of the bait for better hooking success with short-striking fish.

Overall Length: 2 inches

Catch more fish with innovative tackle from FishDaddy!

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