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FishDaddy Terabite UV Glow Fishing Enhancer

FishDaddy Terabite UV Glow Fishing Enhancer

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Fish Daddy Terabite UV Glow Fishing Enhancer is a topical enhancer that can be applied to: live bait, crankbaits, soft lures, and jigs. The tacky, liquid consistency of Terabite UV Glow ensures that it stays on your bait. The glow and the plume of yummy smells and flavors (to fish anyway!) of FishDaddy Terabite UV Glow as they are released into the water makes your bait simply IRRESISTIBLE!  

Sight: Reflective UV Additives | Bright Glow Pink | Bright Glow Green

Smell: Amino Acids | Omega 3 Fatty Acids Pheromones

Taste: Naturally-flavored Garlic, Naturally-flavored Blood

Eco-Friendly: Earth's natural preservatives keep Terabite UV Glow fresh and shelf stable

All of Terabite's ingredients are 100% natural and biodegradable. FishDaddy recommends that you fish with confidence and enhance your favorite bait with Terabite!

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