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FishDaddy Stick Flare LED

FishDaddy Stick Flare LED

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LED Colors

The FishDaddy Stick Flare LED can be used in a variety of our tackle! Customize your presentation with a different color of Stick Flare LED.  

Please Note: the Stick Flare LED cannot be used in the Micro LED Spoon or GloEye Jig!

The Stick Flare LED can be used in the FishDaddy Jig Flare Spoon, Jig Flare Dropper Spoon, and Bouncer Flare

To activate the LED push the colored top down until it glows. When done fishing with it, pull the colored top up to turn off the LED and preserve its useful life. Enjoy a whole day of fishing on the generous run time of FishDaddy LED's. 

-  Available in 5 solid glow colors: red, blue, yellow, orange, and white; and in blinking red.

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