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FishDaddy Micro LED

FishDaddy Micro LED

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LED Colors

FishDaddy Micro LED's can be used in a many pieces of our tackle!  Swap your original color and customize your presentation with an additional color of Micro LED!

  • Micro LED's are designed for use in FishDaddy Micro LED Spoons and Glo-Eye Jigs, but can also be used in any of our lures with a screw-top poly tube, such as Jig-Flare Spoons, Jig-Flare Dropper Chains, and Bouncer Flares. 
  • Leave the silicone tube on the LED when using the Micro LED Spoon! Take the silicone tube off when using the with the GloEye Jig.
  • Activate the LED by pushing the top/colored head of the the LED down until it blinks/glows (use appropriate pressure, as new LED's may require a harder push). Insert the LED into your tackle. After use, gently pull the top/colored head of the LED upward to turn it off (you may find it easiest to place your thumbnail between the colored head and the silver body of the LED and pull). 
  • Each FishDaddy Micro LED will allow you to enjoy a full weekend of fishing. 

FishDaddy Micro LED's are available in 4 blinking colors: red, pink, green, and blue; and in 2 solid colors: red and green.

Each package contains 1 Micro LED.

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