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FishDaddy Jig-Flare Spoon

FishDaddy Jig-Flare Spoon

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LED Color

The Fish Daddy Jig-Flare Spoon combines the time-tested fishing tactic of deadsticking with a Stick Flare LED that will glow for up to 24 hours. Turn on the high-quality Stick Flare LED by pulling the head gently upward until it blinks/glows, and then place it into the clear polycarbonate housing and replace the cap. Tip your favorite bait onto the VMC treble hook, drop it into the water, and get ready to pull 'em up!

Five Stick Flare colors to choose from: Blinking Red; and Solid Red, White, Blue, Orange, and Yellow

Clear Housing "Jig-Flare Solar"

The light brings 'em in. Your bait seals the deal! 

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