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FishDaddy Hoodie

FishDaddy Hoodie

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Proudly wear your FishDaddy Hoodie on the ice or in the boat!

You'll be outdoor stylin' in your comfortable fleece hoodie from Fish Daddy! Wearing the FishDaddy logo lets others know much how much you enjoy fishing and value the fishing experience . . . and much more!

FishDaddy anglers seek to increase their knowledge of the latest in fishing equipment, tackle, and technique to catch more fish and have more fun doing so. They enjoy having greater success so that they can pass on their passion and help educate other anglers, be they family or friends, beginners or experienced -- to better their fishing experience as well, whether it's on ice or open water, in freshwater or saltwater. 

FishDaddy Hoodies are available in black or moss green.

Limited Quantities: S, M, L, XL, XXL, or XXXL

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