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FishDaddy GloEye Jig Kit | Includes: Micro LED, Glass Rattle, & Glow Flare

FishDaddy GloEye Jig Kit | Includes: Micro LED, Glass Rattle, & Glow Flare

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The FishDaddy GloEye Jig is our latest multi-species jig creation, dedicated to freshwater and saltwater angling. It catches the attention of hungry fish by incorporating a Micro LED, glass rattle, or Glow Flare insert into the jig (the Kit includes one of each of these 3 types of inserts). The jigs are reusable and all the inserts are interchangeable and replaceable.* GloEye Jigs pair well with live baits and FishDaddy BioSilicone Soft Plastics.

Micro LED: Small and powerful! Remove and discard the silicone tube on the Micro LED if one is present. Push the top of the LED down to turn it on (at first this may take quite a bit of pressure to turn on but it gets easier as the LED is used repeatedly). Place it inside of the GloEye, replace the cap, and watch the eye come alive! Remove the Micro LED and gently pull the top up to turn it off and preserve its life. The Micro LED has a generous battery life that will last for a full weekend of fishing! Available in 4 blinking colors – red, blue, pink, and green – and in 2 solid colors, red and green.

Glass Rattle: Remove the cap on the GloEye and insert the glass rattle into the jig. Replace the cap and you're ready to tip the jig with your favorite bait. Jig the GloEye and watch the sound of the rattle call ‘em home!

Glow Flare: Snap the Glow Flare, insert it into the jig, and replace the cap. It will glow for 6-8 hours depending on the water temperature. Available in glowing red, pink, and green.

* Replacement inserts can be purchased individually elsewhere on this website. 

The light brings them in and your bait seals the deal!

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