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FishDaddy Dip & Rip Tungsten Jigs

FishDaddy Dip & Rip Tungsten Jigs

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2 pcs. per package

FishDaddy Dip & Rip Tungsten Jigs belong in every anglers arsenal! Our Tungsten Jigs are 30% heavier than lead, with a much smaller profile. Excellent for casting or jigging in open water. Fished across the globe by serious anglers, tungsten offers a number of different benefits when compared to lead jigs.

-  In open water, the Dip & Rip Jigs are great for casting long distances with or without a bobber.  Bounce the jig back on the retrieve and catch 'em on the fall. 

Fast-pace ice fishing, hole hopping to find fish.  Our Tungsten Jigs punch through the slush, saving you the time and effort of clearing out holes.  

Pair our Dip & Rip Jigs with FishDaddy BioSilicone Glow Plastics, scent them with Terabite or use live bait for a perfect combo year 'round!

Available in 3 sizes: size 5 (large,1/12 oz.); size 4 (medium, 1/32 oz.); and size 3 (small, 1/50 oz.)

Trust the power of FishDaddy Dip & Rip Tungsten Jigs for your next fishing trip! Select your sizes and colors in the menu system and make your purchase today.

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