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FishDaddy Core Armored Jig

FishDaddy Core Armored Jig

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4 pcs. per package

The FishDaddy Core Armored Jig is a multi-species high-end jig. Confidently cast it towards the docks or thump it on the rocks. The Stardust no-chip paint keeps the jig looking pristine and ready to dance with the next fish. The crip liquid glass eye allows the sunlight to reflect off the FishDaddy logo. 
The high-quality VMC hooks ensure a strong hold for landing your trophy. With 8 vibrant colors and 3 versatile sizes, these jigs offer endless options for catching fish in fresh or saltwater.

We designed this jig to be used with live bait or a FishDaddy BioSilicone lure. The bumps over the shank of the hook and the Stardust hold the lure on the hook. 

The Core Armored Jig is made in Greece with reclaimed lead from Holy Mountain. Each jig is blessed by a monk from the Holy Mountain before it leaves the factory. If you don't need this blessing, give it to a friend who does!

Solve your Core problem with jigs -- the paint chipping off -- and buy the FishDaddy Core Armored Jigs!

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