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FishDaddy Bouncer Flare

FishDaddy Bouncer Flare

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Introducing the FishDaddy Bouncer Flare -- a game-changing addition to your tackle box. The LED flare feature on our bottom bouncer lets you say goodbye to missed bites and hello to higher catch rates. Precision-designed by fishing experts, our bottom bouncer ensures a more successful fishing experience.

The Bouncer Flare with swivel is engineered for excellent performance in a variety of fishing conditions. Built with sturdy 0.45 wire, and constructed with American made components, the Bouncer Flare is equipped with a Stick Flare LED to help attract walleyes to your lure. Easily reach the bottom and get your bait in the strike zone with weights ranging from 1/2 oz. to 4 oz. Perfect for low light conditions or deep water.

Either our Stick Flare LED or Micro Glow Flare may be used in this rig. Multiple colors of both are available as replacements on this website. 

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