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FishDaddy Paddle Tail BioSilicone Soft Plastics

FishDaddy Paddle Tail BioSilicone Soft Plastics

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4 pcs. per package | UV Motor Oil Brown, UV Green Pumpkin, UV White, UV Perch, UV Orange Pumpkin

8 pcs. per package | UV Black and Blue

The FishDaddy Paddle Tail body is made from Biosilicone, which yields a natural, biodegradable lure with superior action, durability, and performance. It is offered in 6 glow colors to meet any angler's needs or preferences.

The paddle tails cause the lure to move with a swimming action, so Paddle Tails are a great option for either open-water casting or vertical ice fishing. Each lure is also infused with TERABITE, which releases a plume of yummy smells and flavors into the water, making this bait irresistible.  

Sight: Reflective UV Additives | Bright Glow

Smell: Amino Acids | Omega 3 Fatty Acids | Pheromones

Taste: Flavored like natural baitfish

Shelf Stable: Earth’s natural preservatives are used to keep it fresh

Eco-Friendly: All of the ingredients are 100% natural and biodegradable

Length: 3.8 inches

Benefits of BioSilicone: The softer lure body creates more action in the water, yet it is tougher than standard plastisol and will withstand multiple hook penetrations. BioSilicone base product is odorless, which maximizes the benefit of TERABITE.

FishDaddy recommends that you store each color of these lures separately in its original bag to prevent our natural dyes from bleeding together with other colors.

Tight lines!

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