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FishDaddy Dirty Bomb Minnow

FishDaddy Dirty Bomb Minnow

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Color LED

The FishDaddy Dirty Bomb Minnow is a micro blade bait designed specifically for vertical fishing, with the weight distributed disproportionately to one side of the lure to mimic a wounded bait fish. Rip the Dirty Bomb Minnow up to create vibration from the lure's action. Then leave slack in the fishing line to allow the lure to "free fall" in the water column. The Dirty Bomb Minnow will rotate to its side and flutter towards the bottom causing a savage strike. You can tip it with your favorite bait too!

The Dirty Bomb Minnow uses Dead Man Switch technology. The LED will begin blinking when the Minnow is dropped into the water. Once out of the water, the Dead Man Switch will shut off automatically, preserving battery life. 

The LED is encased in the lure with epoxy, behind the perch eye. Therefore, it is NOT replaceable or interchangeable. If you're looking for tackle that has replaceable or interchangeable components, check out our Micro LED Spoons, GloEye Jigs, Jig Flare Spoons, or the Bouncer Flare.

FishDaddy Dirty Bomb Minnow features:

  • LED in 5 color options:  Blinking Red, Blue, Green, Pink and Gold! The LED life is good for an entire weekend of fishing!
  • Weight: 1/8th oz.
  • 1" in length
  • Gold blade bait in a Minnow profile
  • Blood Red VMC hook

Maintenance: there are two probes on the back of the spoon. Clean them with a towel after use, like the FishDaddy Bait Towel, and store them in a dry place.

The light brings 'em in and your bait seals the deal! 

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